Lujiang Group integration of resource advantages, down-to-earth, struggling forward



Sitting on the "city of commerce, logistics capital" - Linyi, belong to the Eurasian Continental Bridge east bridgehead category

1、Lujiang Group is located in Shandong Province, Linyi City, Shandong Province and Jiangsu is located in two economic provinces at the junction of the east of Rizhao Port, Arashiyama Port and Lianyungang Port, belonging to the Eurasian Continental Bridge East Bridgehead area, convenient transportation and logistics development. At the same time Linyi region wholesale and retail industry developed, commodity trading radiation more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, exported to more than 20 countries and regions, known as "business city, logistics capital," said.

2、Linyi in August 2014 by the State Council approved the formal establishment of the first national comprehensive Lunan region of northern comprehensive bonded area. Bonded area with bonded processing, bonded warehousing, bonded logistics, port operations and integrated services and other functions. Linyi comprehensive bonded area is currently in addition to the Shanghai Free Trade Area outside the opening of the highest level, the most preferential policies, the most complete functions of the customs special regulatory region, the state open financial, trade, investment, services, transportation and other areas of the pilot area and the first area.

3、Lunan Railway Logistics Center, the project overall planning 4500 acres, focusing on relying on the railway development of railway service area and logistics warehousing area, and build a comprehensive service area. Lunan Railway Logistics Park is located in Linyi Lanshan District Yanzhou Railway Jubao Station south of the south side of the formation of Lunan northern Jiangsu region's largest inland water port. Park planning layout of the railway operating area, business center area, rail transport area, railway port area, commodity vehicle logistics area, warehousing distribution area and cold chain logistics area.

4、Linyi Mall Logistics Park is located in the core area of Linyi Mall Linxi 11 Road and Da Shan Road Interchange, is Linyi Mall pilot "market procurement" trade model of the pilot park. Main products cover all kinds of sheet metal, decorative materials, hardware, building materials, furniture and engineering accessories, such as dozens of categories, tens of thousands of varieties. China, Russia, India, Australia, Kazakhstan and Southeast Asia, West Asia, North Africa, South America, and so on more than 30 provinces, foreign trade and exports to the United States, Russia, India, Australia, Kazakhstan and Southeast Asia, West Asia, North Africa, South America, more than 30 A country and region-based, is a veritable domestic trade prosperity, rapid development of foreign trade engineering materials wholesale market.


Group grasp the advantages of policy, fully settled in Linyi City, the first state-level comprehensive bonded area

1、Linyi municipal government attaches great importance to the development of logistics industry in Linyi, and strive to build the country's largest commodity trading wholesale center, logistics distribution center, electric business gathering center and "one way" international trade new heights. Solidly promote the internationalization of mall; copy to promote the Shanghai Free Trade Area pilot experience, the establishment of Linyi mall international trade comprehensive reform pilot area, start an area of 3.4 square kilometers of China Linyi International Trade City construction, and strive to use three years, basically completed " "Important business logistics hub and the joint development of foreign trade experimental zone.

2、In the "Linyi City" thirteen five "modern logistics industry development plan" mentioned in the logistics technology and logistics center for the pilot to trade logistics and six hundred billion industry chain logistics as a pillar, integration of logistics resources, Logistics market, focusing on cultivating "trade logistics capital", "characteristics of agricultural and sideline products logistics headquarters base" and "characteristics of building materials logistics headquarters base" and other three major brands, to create a "3333" logistics industry modern industrial system, support key park, Urban logistics park construction, to build a central city as the core of the integrated logistics park and county characteristics of the logistics center.


The Group follows the national strategic plan and fully builds the new high ground of international trade along the "The Belt and Road Initiatives"

"The Belt and Road Initiatives" is the "Silk Road Economic Zone" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" short. Along the country and region 65, covering 4.4 billion population, the total economic output of about 21 trillion US dollars, the total population and economic accounted for 63% and 29% of the world, respectively, Eurasian railway network 81,000 km. It is not an entity and mechanism, but the concept of cooperation and development, is to rely on China and the countries of the existing double multilateral mechanism, with the existing, effective regional cooperation platform, aimed at borrowing the ancient "Silk Road "The historical symbols, hold high the banner of peaceful development, take the initiative to develop economic cooperation with the countries along the country, together to create political mutual trust, economic integration, cultural inclusive interests of the community, the fate of the community and the responsibility of the community.

"The Belt and Road Initiatives" strategy is a long-term systematic project, logistics on regional economic development has a basic, pilot and strategic for. "Along the way" deepen the economic and trade cooperation with the countries along the country, and promote China and neighboring countries border city economic and trade development. The increase in international trade and the improvement of the quality of the goods will inevitably bring about the vigorous development of the logistics industry and promote the formation of a wave of logistics hub. Lujiang Group's development strategy coincides with its meeting, through the docking of this strategy, all-round development of the "one way along the" along the logistics and economic and trade relations, the Group's strategic development opportunities.


Group relies on its own resources, integration of industry resources, the development of multi-supply chain comprehensive strength service platform

BUILD INTERNATIONAL TRADE HEIGHTSLujiang Group, relying on the domestic logistics and complete logistics and distribution network and loading system, gradually developed into a set of four provinces in the northwest, the Middle East, North Africa, India, West Asia, Europe, North America, Southeast Asia 10 international logistics lines and rail train, Business as one import and export trade, bonded warehousing and other diversified business as one of the integrated supply chain service platform.

Lujiang Group is committed to become a customer-centric, covering Lingdan, vehicle, train, storage supply chain and other diversified business one-stop integrated logistics provider. With our solid network foundation, strong talent pool, deep insight into the market, we create a diversified, flexible and efficient logistics choice for cross-industry customers, giving logistics greater business value and giving consumers a better experience.

We are happy development, relentless forward, is willing to cheer for the better, if you happen to be such a person, then come on, together to write a new chapter!