Lujiang Group was founded in 2001, is a comprehensive international group of enterprises.


Linyi Ruijiang Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, after 17 years of development and development, the Group has set up a logistics company in Linyi Lujiang, Shandong Lujiang International Trade Co., Ltd., Shandong Jiazhou International Logistics Co., Ltd., Shandong Cheng Peng International Trading Co., Ltd. and Shandong Lu Ouda International Logistics Co., Ltd. The Group has now developed into a comprehensive international conglomerate integrating domestic logistics, international logistics, international trade, overseas warehouse, modern standard warehousing, multimodal transport and smart logistics park.

Since the establishment of the Group, with the concern and support of the leaders of all levels of government and friends from all walks of life, the Group has made great efforts to pioneer and innovate and has won the titles of "AAAA" Logistics Enterprise, "Top 100 Modern Logistics Enterprises in China", " Top 100 Logistics Enterprises "," Top Ten Logistics Enterprises "and other honors. The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system audit certification. It is an executive director of China Warehousing and Distribution Association, a member of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, and also a member of IDO Home Building Materials Mall in China Regional strategic partners.

In the course of development of the Group, we always adhering to the concept of "human resource is the first resource", implement the strategy of "Talent Development through Enterprises", "Attract talent, cultivate talent, gather talent, use talent and retain talent" simultaneously, and pass "Please come in and go out" A combination of learning methods for the development of talent to create an inclusive and open platform environment.

In order to further improve the Group's supply chain service system, the Group will build a smart logistics operation center to integrate more than 200 national trunk logistics routes based on the integration of warehousing and distribution, and improve logistics-related information, trading, job tracking, settlement and finance And other industrial service platforms, make full use of big data, Internet of things and other means of information to achieve a platform to gather industries to integrate industry resources to spawn resources services to help boost the development of new industries for the Group in the capital market listed to lay Solid foundation.

Thousands of sail such as the shuttle by the waves, wind Peng is lifting sea sky wide. The future, integrity and innovation of the people of Lujiang, will sail sailing, vertical and horizontal ride, toward the layout of the international business took the take-off pace.


Linyi Lujiang Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001,It has developed into a set of domestic logistics.

Linyi Lujiang Logistics is approved by the Shandong Provincial Commission of Exchange, Linyi City Administration for Industry and Commerce registered professional logistics company, the company is headquartered in Lanzhou District of Linyi City Jinlan Logistics Park. Since its operation in 2001, it has actively established six domestic transportation lanes in Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, Tibet and Xinjiang by means of the platform of Linyi's "logistics capital" and has built a "Northwest Golden Grand Gateway" across the country. , Formed a complete and huge business distribution network and logistics system, enjoy the "Lujiang logistics, five provinces in northwest" reputation.

Lu Jiang International Trade was established in June 2012

In Linyi City, driven by the internationalization, Lu Jiang International Trade Company continue to develop import and export trade, the main business products are protective gloves, safety shoes, safety helmets and other series of labor protection supplies.

By actively participating in domestic and foreign specialized labor exhibitions and the labor market in the countries along the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe and North Africa, taking into account the development of other markets in South America, North and Central America, South Africa and other regions, the tentacles of labor insurance in Lujiang will be extended To every corner of the world At the same time, the company has a professional, high-quality, competent and professional marketing team, established a good domestic and foreign marketing channels, with good reputation has won the trust of our customers at home and abroad.

To Pinxiang, FCL mainly involved in maritime transport, air transport, land transport, international rail transport and other business.

Shandong Jiazhou International Logistics was established in 2014, a registered capital of 50 million, the main international logistics market. The Group is the first in Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, North America and Southeast Asia under the guidance of the strategy of "Belt and Road" under the guidance of LCL and FCL. It is involved in shipping, air transport, land transport and international rail transport. International logistics lines, in more than 100 countries and regions to establish their own network of agents, for domestic and foreign customers booking, loading, customs clearance, inspection and other one-stop international cargo services.

In 2017, the Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shandong Shunyi International Logistics Co., Ltd., headquartered in Belgium, to integrate the logistics resources of Central and Central China and the United States. The market network will cover hundreds of cities at home and abroad, providing cross-border logistics for Central, A full set of solutions.

March 31, 2017, Linyi to Tashkent railway started the success of the trains, opened a new chapter in the international train from Linyi to Central Asia.

Can enjoy the import and export goods duty-free, bonded, fast tax rebates, centralized declaration and other foreign exchange tax special policy.

Shandong Cheng Peng International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in August 2015, under the Linyi Lujiang Group, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, total assets of 100 million yuan. Company is located in Linyi City, Shandong Province Comprehensive Bonded Zone, can enjoy the import and export goods duty-free, bonded, fast tax rebates, customs declaration and other special foreign exchange tax policy.

Company exports are plated (aluminum) zinc plate, glass fiber decorative materials, insulation materials and other new building materials. Products are exported to the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South America and Africa and other countries and regions, while Japan, Russia and other countries imported chlorogenic acid, wine and wood products.

With the deepening of the country's international strategy of "One Belt and One Road", the company adheres to the policy of "easing the wind, seizing the opportunities and pioneering and innovating. With the bridgehead of the integrated free trade zone facing the world, with extensive colleagues in the global economy, Create brilliant, for the global economic prosperity and development make unremitting efforts!

China-Eu Rail Transport was established in November 2017

Linyi China-Eu Rail Transport Agency Ltd.

We are happy development, relentless forward, is willing to cheer for the better, if you happen to be such a person, then come on, together to write a new chapter!