Lujiang Group and Shun Yida strategic cooperation signing ceremony was a success

The first summer still clear, grass also did not break. On July 21, 2017, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Linyi Lujiang Logistics Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong Shunyida International Logistics Co., Ltd. was held in the meeting room of Linyi Shopping Center Administrative Committee. Chief Dong Yuhu, Director of Linyi Shangcheng Modern Logistics Development Bureau, Shandong Shun Yida International Logistics Co., Ltd. shareholders Jiang Hua, operating director of Qu Kang, Linyi Lujiang Logistics Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Li Yang, Li Lingyun, general manager, deputy general manager Qu Huai-qiang, deputy general manager Long Zhenyu and the various sub-groups The person in charge of the company attended the signing ceremony.

The leaders of both companies took a group photo

The signing ceremony was presided over by Ms. Li Lingyun, general manager of Lujiang Group. The ceremony was divided into two parts: a speech by the company representatives from both sides, a speech delivered by the leader of the mall, and the signing of the four agenda items. Mr. Li first extended his warm welcome to the leaders of the mall who visited the site, Jiang Zong and Qu Qu, Shun Yida Company, and congratulated the signing of the two companies.

Ms. Li Lingyun, general manager of Lujiang Group

At the signing ceremony, Li Yang, chairman of Lujiang Group, expressed his hope that through this long-term strategic cooperation with Shandong Shunyi Da International Logistics Co., Ltd. through this cooperation as a starting point, we will achieve a win-win situation through multi-level and multi-angle cooperation. At the same time, the two sides should take advantages and complement each other and the cooperation between the two parties will have a leapfrogged significance for the development of the two enterprises and will be the new beginning of the bilateral cooperation.

Mr. Li Yang, chairman of Lujiang Group

Shandong Shun Yi Da International Logistics Co., Ltd. Jiang Hua pointed out that first of all thanks to Linyi City Government for their strong support for the cooperation between the company Linyi Lujiang Group as the company's only important strategic partner in the country, I hope this cooperation can help Lujiang Logistics in the country improve the logistics network, in order to build Shun Yida in the global network layout.

Mr. Jiang Hua, shareholder of Shandong Shunyida International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Linyi Shopping Center Management Committee Modern Logistics Development Bureau Director Dong Yuhu said the two sides later to strengthen cooperation and exchange, at the same time as a logistics benchmarking enterprises in Linyi, Lujiang should play a positive lead role in cross-border cooperation as an opportunity for business Linyi logistics Transformation and upgrading to contribute.

Linyi Mall Management Logistics Development Bureau Dong Yuhu Chief

Finally, Li Lingyun, general manager of Lujiang Group, emphasized that the leadership of Linyi Shopping Mall Management Committee will escort the development of our Lujiang Group. With this cooperation, we have realized the development of the Lujiang Group from domestic logistics to international logistics to cross-border electricity supplier Diversified development laid a solid foundation for our layout of European and American markets. Hope that the two companies can be perfect, create brilliant.

The signing representatives of both parties sign the agreement

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